2016/6 | Mobile App - iOS | Author, Designer and Developer | Released

MetaStuff - A Great User-friendly Photo EXIF Viewer.


  • - Provide split view and popup view to view meta data of images.
  • - Image sorting
  • - Pull to close

PubAct HK

2016/4 | Mobile App - iOS | Author, Designer and Developer | Released


  • - 快速瀏覽公眾集會和公眾遊行資訊
  • - 支援3D Touch
  • - 支援儲存事件到內置行事曆

  • - Notification of Public Meeting and Public Procession
  • - Support 3d Touch
  • - Export events to Calendar app.

ENG for BBC Learning English

2016/3 | Mobile App - iOS | Author, Designer and Developer | Released

A single place to read and listen the content from BBC Learning English (


  • Full-featured audio player with speed control
  • Designed for improving listening skills.
  • Play audio episodes and read full transcripts.
  • Download episodes for offline study.
  • Support audio background playback.

Now ENG 1.2 supports 3D Touch.


2015/5 | Mobile App - iOS | Author, Designer and Developer | In Progress

TraceIdea is a mobile app for local university students to share great ideas. TraceIdea encourages students to share their interesting ideas and discoveries with others. It is so simple to share a story, step-by-step tutorials or even your photo blog.


2014/9 | Mobile App - iOS | Founder, Designer and Developer

Fantarvis is a social media and information publishing platform providing web and mobile app interfaces. We have moved on to the Fantarvis 2.0 with a new concept and great features. We encourage the creative artwork and innovative idea sharing. More detials will be released soon.

香港舊照片 Old Hong Kong Photo App (Prototype)

2014/8 | Mobile App | iOS | Designer, Developer

This is a prototype iOS app designed for an organisation in Hong Kong called 香港舊照片 Old Hong Kong Photo. I was responsible for creating the iOS app. Our development is suspend due to some special reason.

About Old Hong Kong Photo